CD - Joy on Earth

65'10" - opgenomen in Taize

CD - Joy on Earth
20.98 *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw
Deze CD is samengesteld met alleen Engelse en Latijnse teksten en zijn genomen uit een avondgebed in Taize en uit de Eucharistie.
1. Laudate Dominum, 2. Wait for the Lord, 3. Alleluia 17, with verses from Psalm 26 (27), 4. Reading (John 15:9-11), 5. We adore you, Lord Jesus Christ (Adoramus te O Christe), 6. Kyrie eleison 17, with intercessions, 7. There can be no greater love (Grande est ta bonté), 8. Prayer by Brother Roger, 9. Heavens sing with gladness (Jubilate cœli), 10. Stay with me (Bleibet hier), 11. Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison, 12. Glory to God in the highest (Gloria Deo), 13. Apostles Creed (Credo), 14. Holy, Holy, Holy (Sanctus Dominus Deus) , 15. Dying you destroyed our death (Memorial acclamation), 16. Our Father, 17. Agnus Dei – dona nobis pacem (Grant us peace, Lord), 18. Jesus the Lord is risen (Surrexit), 19. Where there is charity (Ubi Caritas Deus ibi est), 20. Veni Sancte Spiritus, 21. Our soul is waiting (Notre âme attend le Seigneur), 22. This is the day (Psallite Deo), 23. Let your servant now go in peace (Nunc dimittis)