2DVD – Hildegard von Bingen – In Portrait – Ordo Virtutum

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2DVD – Hildegard von Bingen – In Portrait – Ordo Virtutum
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Hildegard (1098-1179) was a remarkable woman, a 'first' in many fields. At a time when few women wrote, she produced major works of theology, music and visionary writings. She used the curative powers of music and natural objects for healing. She is the first composer whose biography is known. Her story is an inspirational account of an irresistible spirit and vibrant intellect overcoming social, physical, cultural, gender barriers
'powerfully dramatic energy'

An atmospheric filmed performance of Hildgard's great 'musical morality play' - 'Ordo Virtutum' (The Ritual of the Virtues), with the dedicated ensemble Vox Animae directed by early music specialists Evelyn Tubb and Michael Fields.
Fully dramatised BBC biographical documentary on Hildegard starring Pat Routledge
Documentary from Washington Cathedral about Hildegard's life & times, commented on by a host of specialists
Interview with Professor Matthew Fox, author of 'Illuminations' on Hildegard's paintings
A Gallery of Hildegard's paintings of her own mystic visions with introductions by Matthew Fox
'the vocal artistry is at a very high level... neither Evelyn Tubb nor Ansy Boothroyd try to steal the show. ... If I were forced to limit my library to only one recording of music by Hildegard von Bingen, this would be it.'